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"Great with follow thru leaving me with less staff headaches since the call center handles the entire seminar confirmations." 
- Dr. Edlund
"...our stem cell seminar was full house on a snowy Pennsylvania night and we got as high as 10:1 return."
- Dr. Vinton
"I've been working with RC Digital for about 6 months now, and we've seen steady and consistent results." 
- Dr. Jacobs
"She's been great to work with. She's done everything that we ask her to do. Always comes up with new ideas how to make things better. " 
- Dr. Pugh
"One of my favorite marketing companies RC Digital Consultants. They do a great job getting dozens of good leads and converting a lot of them." 
- Dr. Monaghan
"Nothing has produced as well as Tina Cruz's system. If you're looking for a good effective marketing give Tina a call." 
- Dr. Mcphail
"With RC Digital Consultancy, we did two events on the same day and both events were filled to capacity, so, that was a great result for us." 
- Dr. Ishigo
"We have a great time with them. We use their marketing to get prospective new patients in. Highly recommended, very responsive." 
- Dr. Khavari
"They've been wonderful, their tracking system is easy to understand and follow. Phenomenal results!" 
- Dr. Geoghean
"We had nothing bad great experience with them. I would highly recommend RC Digital!" 
- Dr. Verri
"Consistently get our stem cell marketing events filled week after week."
- Dr. Archibald
"The team at RC Digital has been fantastic! I'm on their camp and I support them strongly."
- Dr. Paris
"I highly recommend Tina and RC Digital for your medical marketing needs. Despite opening during the challenging pandemic, their adept team developed direct and webinar-based programs that effectively expanded our business. Tina's personalized attention and strategic insights were instrumental in our success. Her team's dedication and responsiveness to our needs were outstanding. Five stars for Tina and RC Digital!"
Mark Sentell
Atlanta OsteoArthritis Clinic LLC
"Tina Cruz and her team at RC Digital significantly boosted our post-COVID-19 healthcare business. They seamlessly transitioned us from physical to virtual workshops, achieving greater results with consistent attendance and conversion rates. Their efficient strategies significantly lowered our cost per patient acquisition while increasing case value. Highly recommend Tina for her exceptional support and results."
Lance Liberti
Integrative Practice Solutions, LLC
"They bring in a lot of folks. My favorite is the call center because they take everything off your plate and they do a great job interacting and following up with the potential people to get into the seminars. They also customize for you, that is a big thing in my book. It works, bottom line. They're great people, they will listen to you and you can work with them. These guys can do a really good job. Very highly recommended marketing team."
Dr. Ren Halverson
Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center

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Thank y'all for all the hard work. Very pleased! Check out today's event, we have 39 attendees and have 21 scheduled for a consult! We are going to have a great time working together. - Dr. Scott
Today's event is so much better! Give my thanks to your call center team... 33 attendees and 19 scheduled for consult. - Dr. Todd
The room was filled. We had about 67 attendees for lunch and dinner event. Great Job again Tina! - Dr. Aaron
You guys are doing a good job. Event is packed. I believe in you. Thank you! 
- Dr. Bing

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