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The ‘Foolproof’ Formula for Attracting Your Ideal New Patients Through Workshops

At RC Digital we marry the power of Data Intelligence and Predictive Practice Marketing with a well-oiled 24/7 call center to create a "hands-off" medical seminar and patient value journey experience. It means only seeing patients that are actively looking for pain management solutions and then nurture and recapture every leads using a data-driven approach.
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Don't just take our word for it—hear it straight from our current doctors who have transformed their practices with our workshop program.

Dr. Drew McPhail

Dr. McPhail from Summerville, SC, scheduled 11 new patients with an expected revenue of $55,000 from one workshop.

Dr. Desiree Edlund

Dr. Edlund from Irvine, CA, scheduled 16 new patients at one workshop, which is expected to be worth $64,000.

Dr. Richard Geoghean

Dr. Richard Geoghean had 80 in attendance combined from his first two workshops! Imagine what it feels like attracting your ideal new patients.

Introducing Full-House Workshops

For 10 years, we’ve been the secret weapon for doctors and service professionals to attract their dream clients through workshops. We solve the #1 problem: getting QUALIFIED people to attend!
Picture this: You focus on your presentation, and we handle getting the right people in the room. Full-House Workshops is a plug-and-play event-based marketing system. We combine everything you need to start giving workshops in your area with our AI and data-driven predictive marketing strategy to pack the seats with qualified attendees.
Unmatched Experience: No other company has our level of experience, DATA, or expertise. In the past 10 years, we’ve helped doctors deliver over 10,000 workshops, investing over $15,000,000 in ad spend. Our results are unmatched.

Why We Created Full-House Workshops

After helping over 300+ offices nationwide, we identified two major barriers to workshop success:
1. Marketing Overwhelm: Doctors get bogged down trying to handle their own marketing. Facebook and Google ads are complex and ever-changing—frustrating and time-consuming to master.
2. Audience Retargeting: We use a proprietary database to retarget qualified individuals—high-income earners with high FICO scores—actively looking for your services. This ensures that we bring the RIGHT people to your workshops (no tire kickers or plate lickers).
3. Lack of Conversion Systems: Many offices lack the essential resources, procedures, communication strategies, and systems needed to close and convert workshop leads effectively.
That’s why we created Full-House Workshops. We simplify everything, taking the “work” out of workshops while providing support, training, and coaching to explode your practice with ideal patients, giving you more time, money, peace of mind, and professional success.
You owe it to yourself, your family, your practice, and your community to explore what we’ve created.
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Our Workshop Marketing Program

Get immediate access to 3 powerful workshop titles. Topics include PRP/Regenerative Medicine, Knee Pain, Neuropathy, Diabetes and Weight Loss.
We handle your advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Gain access to our extensive ad library, featuring top-performing and nationally tested ads, copy, and landing pages designed to target your ideal audience. The best part? You’ll also tap into our exclusive audience of qualified individuals actively seeking your services. With over 10,000 workshops and $15,000,000 in ad spend under our belt, our expertise guarantees results.
Our custom CRM software lets you manage all your leads efficiently. Send emails, text messages, and make calls to nurture and convert leads seamlessly.
We create customized landing pages for every workshop, ensuring a smooth registration process and maximizing attendance.
We set up and manage 19 post-workshop emails to keep you front of mind with leads, offering multiple opportunities for appointments and future workshops.
Get your questions answered and receive guidance on any challenges you’re facing in your practice.
Power of Data Intelligence and Predictive Practice Marketing
We ensure only the RIGHT people attend your workshops—high-income earners with high FICO scores actively seeking pain management solutions. Using our proprietary data-driven approach, we nurture and recapture every lead. Not every marketing agency has this data. Not every agency specializes in Medical Events and Predictive Practice Strategic Marketing. And fewer "live" within Regenerative Medicine and Pain Management. Only a few have their own call centers to follow up on all the new business you'll be getting.

Real Results from Real Doctors

"Consistently get our stem cell marketing events filled week after week."

- Dr. Archibald

"I've been working with RC Digital for about 6 months now, and we've seen steady and consistent results."

- Dr. Jacobs

"...our stem cell seminar was full house on a snowy Pennsylvania night and we got as high as 10:1 return."

- Dr. Vinton

The room was filled. We had about 67 attendees for lunch and dinner event. Great Job again Tina

- Dr. Aaron

Thank y'all for all the hard work. Very pleased! Check out today's event, we have 39 attendees and have 21 scheduled for a consult! We are going to have a great time working together.

- Dr. Scott

Today's event is so much better! Give my thanks to your call center team... 33 attendees and 19 scheduled for consult.

- Dr. Todd

You guys are doing a good job. Event is packed. I believe in you. Thank you!

- Dr. Bing

Streamlined & Tested Ad Process

We have spent over $10,000,000 in ad spend across all client accounts. Because of this, we have collected a TON of data on your ideal target audience which is why we are able to replicate phenomenal results all across the US & even Internationally.
Pre Built Audiences
Customized Landing Page
Templated Ad Content
Tested Copywriting
Ad Management
CRM Dashboard To View Leads

$12.5 MIL

Averages On Workshops

Average Registrations
You get a couple of these clients and you’re already making a full time income. We get students catching fish everyday!
Average Attendance
Of course, not every single person who signs up to attend the workshop will show up. This could be because something came up, they forgot, they ran into traffic, etc. We know that on average, your workshops will have a show rate of 20%-35%. Based on the number of registrations and these show rates, we can guarantee and know we will get butts in the seats.
Average New Patients
Our members average 5 or more new patients per workshop with many of our docs getting double digit new patients. Getting a high close rate typically depends on 3 things. How well you are prepared to present the information, how charismatic & dynamic of a speaker you are, and your ability to give an effective close. We have trainings and coaching on all 3 of these so even if you are not strong in an area, you can still become great at it if you are willing to work at it.
Average ROI / Workshop
Based on a case value of $3,000 per new patient that we bring our docs (If your case value isn't at this, we have trainings on how to increase your care plans for patients who need it) the average ROI per workshop for our docs is between 4-7x. This variable depends on your office location along with how successful you are in closing patients at the workshops!

Learn From Someone Who Uses These Exact Workshops To Grow and Scale His Own Practices

Dr. Steve has an associate driven practice in San Diego, CA with plans to open up more in Texas in 2023.

This workshop marketing program was born from his desire to attract patients struggling with issues that modern pharmaceutical healthcare is incapable of treating. Through trial and error over many years, he found the perfect program to not only attract these patients, but close them with a high rate of efficiency. Our plug-n-play system now allows Dr. Steve's practice to be managed by his associates who's only marketing efforts are putting on 2 workshops per month!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, each member gets area/zip code exclusivity. We won’t work with or run ads for other doctors in your radius.
Nope! We believe in earning your business through results. Stay as long as you’re satisfied.
After the demo call and onboarding form completion, you’ll be running your first workshop in 4-5 weeks.
Just a few hours to review the presentations and interact with leads. We handle everything else.
The monthly membership fee is $1,500, including management of 1-2 workshop campaigns per month. Ad budgets per workshop range from $1,250-1,500.
Our payment pages are encrypted and protected to ensure your data is safe and secure.
Your membership fee grants access to our turnkey workshop marketing system, including presentations, training, funnels, landing pages, ad campaigns, automated communications, and weekly coaching calls.

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